“But I Can’t Travel”…I’m Calling Bullshit.

EXCUSES… this world is more jam packed with excuses than a subway in Tokyo, Japan during 5:00 PM rush hour.

And we’re all just as guilty of making them as the Chinese are of contributing substantially to that gigantic growing hole in our ozone.

Not to mention, excuses are just as eagerly accepted as the US dollar or Euro is accepted in any developing nation.

However, today if you’re someone that’s been making these excuses, well, you know what?…. I’m sorry but I am just not going to hear it. And this is why…

When I Used To Say, “I Can’t”.

Let me first tell you a bit about the old, excuse-making, “I can’t”-saying, maybe later-thinking me.

You see, the old me felt that I had a lot of things I needed to do, steps I needed to take, and processed I needed to go to  in order to even consider my dreams of world travel.

I needed to start on my career before I could travel. I needed to save up money before I could afford to see the world. I needed to decide where I wanted to go before I could book a flight. I needed to find out who would also be there before I set foot on foreign soil. I needed to learn the culture, the language, the customs. I needed to figure out visas, and fees, and living arrangements, and custom regulations.

You name it, and it was on my list of things I had to wait to do in order to leave the country.


And so when I graduated college a few years back I let myself slip into a limbo. I knew I wanted to travel again. I knew I wanted to move abroad again. I knew I felt stuck and everything everywhere was a giant sign that I needed the adventure.

But I kept telling myself, “Not right now”. “The timing just isn’t right”. “That wouldn’t be responsible.” “You’re not ready.”

Then, one morning I awoke feeling differently, and to this day I don’t know what happened inside of me that changed me, but right then and there I booked my flight to Beijing, China.

And that was that.

Why Beijing? Well, there was a work opportunity there, so I took it. It wasn’t even in my top ten list!

Did my friends think I was crazy? You bet ya! When I told them I booked my flight they were in awe. “What will you do there?” “You don’t speak the language!” “How will you afford it?” “Are you sure you want to do this?”

Was I ready? Hell No! When I boarded that 14 hour flight out of Newark, New Jersey direct to Beijing, China I was more scared than a spoiled Daddy’s girl forced to go on a week long trek with Bear Grylls along the Amazon River on one of his homemade rafts that always sinks! Although, I was a bit more excited and confident of coming out alive of course!

What was the outcome? Well, 1 year later I returned to the US a new person. It was hands down the best decision I have ever made in my entire life.


Looking back, all I can think about is what my life would be like today had caved into my excuses. What if I had decided that I couldn’t do it? What if I had decided that I had to answer all of those questions above in order to even consider going?

Sometimes you just have to stop thinking, and just DO IT!

When all is said and done, you’re what’s left. It’s you, your mind, your reflection in the mirror, your memories. Do you want to look back and see yourself staring at the maps on walls wondering what it’s like in the far right corner opposite of your own? Or do you want to look at that map and say, “I’ve been there, I’m standing here, and I’m going there.

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