The 7 Most Useless Things in the Skymall Catalog

Anytime you get on a flight, it’s likely you reach into the seatback pocket, thumb through the in-flight magazine and eventually make your way to the Skymall Catalog. The first thing that probably comes to mind for the average person is “Who actually buys this crap?” While it wasn’t in our marketing budget to purchase the most useless things in the catalog so we could review each one individually, we did manage to compile a list of what we thought were some of the most ridiculous things in Skymall.

The Yettie: According to the description in the catalog this “two foot tall Garden Yeti will have your guests doing a double take as they admire your creative home or garden style.” There’s no doubt in my mind that somebody would do a double take if they saw this in your garden and especially in your home. But it’s highly unlikely it would be one of admiration. It would be more like a “What were you thinking?” double take.

The Peeing Boy of Brussels: This is another one of those strange garden accessories we found ourselves particularly amused with and apparently this “classic image will being timeless art to your home or garden.” Somehow a 4 foot statue of a peeing boy in home, office or anywhere for that matter doesn’t seem to scream timeless. It turns out that in order for the “peeing” functionality to work extra accessories need to be purchased. I think I’ll save my money.

Head Spa Massager: Apparently this bizarre looking contraption feels like “thousands of tiny fingers simultaneously massaging your scalp.” It’s definitely not going to make much of a fashion statement and might even get you mistaken for a cyborg. Just imagine sitting in your office with this bizarre gizmo on your head and having your boss come by to ask what you were doing. Save your 50 bucks and just use Asprin to cure that headache.

The Only Underwater Pogo Stick: As ridiculous as this thing is, it might be the one thing I would want to receive as a gift and play with in a swimming pool. Call it morbid curiosity or child like imagination, but an underwater pogo stick, while quite ridiculous, could actually be alot of fun. Maybe we’ll get our CEO to flip the bill for it and record a Youtube Video.

The Telekenetic Obstacle Course: This is another one of those things you look at and think “Seriously?”. If anything falls in the category of completely useless,  this 100 dollar toy would be it.

The Agent Cam Spy Camera: Let’s face it. Any man who watches the TV show 24 has fantasized about what it would be like to be Jack Bauer. As long as there’s no being tortured and you get to play with cool gadgets, then being Jack Bauer would be kind of awesome. This secret agent spycam would allow you to record your most pointless conversations and take them home for review only to realize you watch way too much TV.

Military Grade Binoculars: What kind of secret agent would you be if you didn’t have a pair of military grade binoculars. These things will bring life 20 to 140 times closer to you. Your fantasy of being the next Jack Bauer will only cost you $199.95

Somebody is obviously buying this stuff considering there’s an entire catalog dedicated to it. If you have purchased any of these items, we’d love to hear from you.


Srinivas Rao

Srinivas is an avid surfer and personal development blogger at The Skool of Life. He's also the host and co-founder of BlogcastFM, a podcast for bloggers.

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  1. 4 years ago
    J.T. Wenting

    Good binoculars are actually pretty useful.
    Lots of people that fly are aviation enthousiasts who use them to watch aircraft. Others are into wildlife observation.
    Binoculars are things that tend to get lost or damaged frequently too.

    That said, I’d never buy some no-brand binoculars out of a mail order catalogue, but I’m an optics junkie :)

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